SEL Awardee

Danielle DuPuis

Howard County Public School System
Ellicott City, MD
“We have gained tremendous momentum with our advocacy for LGBTQIA+ youth in our county. However, there is still a long way to go. We have to be creative about how we can better advocate for and support our LGBTQ+ youth. With this project, we will empower each school to take action to benefit LGBTQIA+ students. We know that each school's culture is different from the rest. So, what better way to meet the needs of the students at each school than to have the students themselves take part in the advocacy work? In addition to being able to provide funds to each school for a Rainbow Project, we will also be able to use the money to fund outside speakers to train our Rainbow Representatives and Affinity Group/Sexuality and Gender Alliance Sponsors in more SEL topics so they are better able to assist LGBTQIA+ students (who have a higher depression and suicide rate than that of their cisgender/heterosexual peers). There will also be funds left to purchase items (to be determined by our Rainbow Representatives) to accompany a 100 page toolkit that is currently being created by our Affinity Group Advisory Committee. Lastly, the funds will be used to provide an incentive item that staff members can earn by attending the Professional Learning Sessions that are offered.”
Tags: District, Elementary School, LGBTQI+, Traditional Public School, Urban