SEL Awardee

Janelle Simpson-Luna

Fleetwood Elementary School
East Ramapo Central School District
Chestnut Ridge, NY
“This project will provide students with SEL and STEM/CS (computer science) skills to help them envision and create solutions to real-world problems in their community and the world at large. Currently our district does not have an SEL or CS curriculum for elementary students, while students in the neighboring districts do. Our district is a Title 1 district, servicing a large population of immigrants, ENLs and students of color. This project will give students an opportunity to learn the universal language of Computer Science, as well as give students "voice" through their creation of STEM-based solutions that seek to solve issues that directly impact them. Through hands-on exploration of science topics students will engage in activities that promote SELF AWARENESS (identifying and utilizing their personal skills and interests), SELF MANAGEMENT (growth mindset, self-esteem, goal-setting, motivation), SOCIAL AWARENESS (demonstrating empathy, seeking solutions to community and world problems, looking at issues from different perspectives), RELATIONSHIP SKILLS (communicating and collaborating with peers), and RESPONSIBLE DECISION-MAKING (problem-solving, Engineering Design Process). These are the 5 core components of the SEL Framework as defined by CASEL and outlined in the NYS SEL Benchmarks for K-12 students.”
Tags: Boys and Young Men of Color, Elementary School, ELs, Girls & Young Women of Color, Suburban, Teacher, Traditional Public School