SEL Awardee

Jennifer Hull

Truxton Academy Charter School
Truxton Academy
Truxton, NY
“Observing student interactions during the past two school years indicates that students are struggling making connections with pairs and solving interpersonal conflicts. While we realize that a lot this could be a direct result of our current COVID Pandemic and the isolation that many are feeling at this time, we endeavor to take proactive steps in helping our students develop and practice these skill. The Student Circle Keepers project will be a student led initiative giving students the power to affect change in their school community. We will train a group of 4th and 5th grade students in alternative and restorative practices so that they may bring these practices to their own classrooms and act as trainers, with adult support, for our younger students in grades K-3. Students chosen as Circle Keepers will learn about the foundations of Restorative Practices and how the power of circles can positively impact their school experience and the experiences of their peers. Participants will learn the circle process and structure, plan and prepare their own circle content, and repeatedly rehearse the facilitation process, including how to recognize infomration shared by peers that should not be kept confidential and how to manage challenges that may arise during facilitation. Our end goal is to empower students to form strong connections and hold each other accountable for solving conflicts.”
Tags: Charter School, Elementary School, Rural, Students Affected by Suspensions, Teacher