SEL Awardee

Sofia Duenas

Para Los Niños
Evelyn Thurman Gratts Primary Center
Los Angeles, CA
“Building on Para Los Niños’ current Multi-Tiered Social-Emotional and Integrated Services approach, this project aims to reinforce the organization’s current educational approach and incorporate social justice components in its curriculum at Gratts Primary Center (GPC). In implementing this project, a team of GPC teachers will design lessons centered on social justice and social emotional learning, considering culturally-responsive trauma-informed approaches, and subsequently adding them to Teaching Tolerance’s national database for educators. Students will use these learnings to produce eBooks and artistic murals to share across the local community.”
Tags: Collaborative Learning, Community Engagement, Culturally Responsive Approaches, ELs, Housing Inequities, Measurement, Project-based Learning, Racial, Gender and/or Social Justice, Student Leadership & Voice, Teacher, Teacher Leadership, Trauma-Informed, Use of Space