SEL Awardee

Stacy Bolder

Tomahawk High School
Tomahawk School District
Tomahawk, WI
“The purpose of this program is to help welcome and transition incoming freshmen and new students to THS. The program focuses on providing students with relevant information, creating a safe environment, and giving them a connection to their school. Students who are able to have these things will have better school attendance, be more involved, and perform better academically. We want to reduce the anxiety that students may feel coming to a new place with new people. We also want to build upperclassmen that are leaders and mentors to our underclassmen. Even if students are not involved in the program as a Link Leader, having experienced what Link Crew is all about as a freshmen will help create an overall welcoming and friendly environment in our school. Students who become Link Leaders are able to expand their leadership and mentoring capabilities through extensive training and serving as Link Leaders throughout the year. We expect that as we continue to operate this program, the culture at THS will also continue to be positively impacted.”
Tags: Measurement, Mentorship, Student Engagement, Student Leadership & Voice, Teacher