The SEL Blog
During this school year, there have been many conversations on how to increase staff connections with students. In addition, we would like to increase student connections with their parents, and parents with the school. We understand that in order for many students be be successful, they need trusted adults in their lives. The families we serve do not have the opportunities that other families across the city do because of the inequities they face due to their race, location, socioeconomic status, and lack of resources. We would like to start an SEL initiative that focuses on "Caring Connections." "Caring Connections" will provide interactive opportunities for staff, parents, and students to engage in a variety of experiences with the goal of increasing student connections to the adults in their lives. Learning and practicing relationship skills, self management/awareness, social awareness, and responsible decision making will be the focus of these experiences. "Caring Connections" will provide opportunities for students and stakeholders to engage in fun and educational experiences where they will have the opportunity to build and practice SEL skills with trusting adults around them. This may be the only opportunity our families will have to take part in these types of activities. Providing the structure to help our families and staff improve, maintain, or build relationships in this manner will increase the connections our students have with adults in their lives; ultimately increasing their chances of success in the future.